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The Stories

Meat For The Storytelling is a collection of short stories set in the goblin world of Jaq D Hawkins as depicted in the Goblin Series. The series consists of three stand alone books:

Dance of the Goblins

Demoniac Dance

Power of the Dance

The Goblin Trilogy The above three books combined in one volume

The intent of the short story collection is to fill in some back story on popular characters or events, to give fans of the series more material within this alternate universe to enjoy, and to satisfy the author’s need to revisit this world as and when she chooses. At least two volumes of the stories will be released for free in e-book formats and for cost price in hard copy.

Some of those planned for the second volume may contain spoilers for the series books. Stories in this category will be clearly indicated on an appropriate blog page here as well as in the introduction to the book editions.

More information about the series and other works by the author may be found on her website at and on her blog Goblins & Steampunk at Updates on the series can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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